Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Room with a loft.

Room 307

-It is a room for four person.
-Well it is double story room.
-Well now is the second floor for the room.But something special about the second floor is that there's a TV
-The price is -Rm140.00 for weekdays
-RM150.oo for weekends.
-RM160.00 ror super peak.
-So if it is a family vacation it is recomended for this room=)

The room 315

Room 315
-This is a room for two person.

-When u are going to your room there is a stairs while going to your room.
-The room price is -RM100.oo in weekdays

-RM110.o0 in weekends.
-RM120.00 in Super peaks