Saturday, May 13, 2017

Update on our Hotel Johan 2

 Introducing Hotel Johan 2

Hi,Hello and welcome  to Hotel Johan's blog.Its been a while since we've updated our blog

The Hotel Johan 2 was known as Traveller's Lodge and  it has been operating since 1988.Backpackers and tourist whom wish to find a cheap and a comfortable rooms would always come to our place.But after a few years has passed, the amount of backpackers has decrease /less.
Since then, on April 2012 Travellers Lodge  renovated and refurbished their rooms and have added 15 more attached bathroom.Besides that, the old cheap rooms that were stayed by the the backpackers are still being kept properly .We've kept a few rooms for the backpackers.

The Hotel Johan @ Travellers Lodge sign board.

The Reception area.

A small pantry area near the reception.
(Guest can make coffee or any hot beverage or have a  cold drink for free)
A small living room at the first floor.

 The Traditional living room.
(Guest can relax their mind and feel like home)

From the front view.

The outdoor living room.

 The roof top garden.
(A great place to have a peaceful time on your own or with your partner)

 Introducing The new Attached Bathroom rooms.

First floor
-Double Room
Weekday: RM 92.00
Weekend: RM 102.00
Peak season: RM 117.00

-Twin Room
Weekday: RM 97.00
Weekend: RM 107.00
Peak Price: RM 122.00

For the budget rooms as stated as above :-
-The triple fan room(Share bathroom)
Standard price:
:-2 person :RM 45.00
:-3 person : RM55.00



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